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Lamu Island Kenya

Lamu Door
Lamu Door

Kenya's oldest living town. There is not a vehicle on the island. Vehicles are banned from the island and the quickest mode of transport is the donkey cart. It is a charming and enchanting island with most of its architecture characterized by arabic and coastal influences. The narrow streets and the beautifully carved doors catch the eye.

Lamu residents live a very relaxed lifestyle. Most houses have a patio on the roof top indicating their easy going way of life. Lamu's history goes way back. By the 1500s it was a busy port trading in timber, slaves and spices. These were exported from the island.

Most hotels in Lamu are designed for relaxed carefree living. These include Petley's Inn the oldest hotel in Kenya and a good spot to kick back with a cold Tusker Beer.

Lamu Island is situated off the east coast of Kenya and there are affordable flights to and from Lamu Island from Nairobi.

Zanzibar Island Tanzania

Palm fringed white sandy beaches, clear blue warm waters, Old historic Stone Town now recognized by UNESCO as one of the worlds historic cities. This is Zanzibar. Very easy to get to from any of the Game Parks within East Africa. Zanzibar's beaches and coves, about 25 in number are superb romantic spots. Most secluded beaches are very serene and tranquil offering an Ideal atmosphere for relaxation after a safari in the game parks.

Street in Zanzibar
Street in Zanzibar

Once famous for being the commercial centre of East Africa and also the last place to abolish slave trade in Africa Zanzibar is now an independent state within the United Republic of Tanzania. It is the birth place of "Swahili" a language spoken widely in east Africa. The purest form of Swahili is said to be spoken in Zanzibar.

People here like in all the coastal Islands in East Africa lead a very laid back kind of life.

The people of Zanzibar fish and grow spices on the hills. These spices include (nutmeg, cardamon, cloves, cinnamon etc). One can take a tour to the spice farms and taste them and even purchase some.

The local markets offer beautiful wooden carvings and bargaining for a good price is much fun.

Known to the local people as Unguja, the spice island of Zanzibar is truly a tiny bit of paradise on earth.

Spice up your life with a visit to Zanzibar.

Pemba Island Tanzania

Footprint on the Beach
Footprint on the Beach

A small island 50 Km north of Zanzibar and 50 Km away from the Tanzanian main land. Pemba is part of the Republic on Tanzania. Relatively untouched by tourism, Pemba offers great relaxation for those who want to get away from it all. Although its only 50 Km away from the mainland, being in Pemba creates a welcome distance from civilization.

Come to Pemba and relax even for a little while and you will appreciate serenity, and the virtue in solitude.

Pemba's highlands are more fertile than in Zanzibar and a great deal of agriculture is practiced here. Small scale plantations of crops such as cassava, papaya, guava and coconuts are found here. Pemba also produces cloves as a cash crop for export.

For those out to seek wildlife, the Ngezi forest in Pemba offers unique opportunities to see animals such as the "Pemba flying fox" and diverse number of endemic bird species.

Boat trips can be arranged around Pemba's white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.

Mfangano Island Lake Victoria Kenya

Mfangano island is an oasis of peace and tranquility. It is situated on the worlds largest fresh water lake "lake Victoria". Mfangano Island and Rusinga Island also on the lake are not too far apart.

The island has only one road and one accommodation facility making it ideal for relaxation. Mfangano can be accessed by air then by boat from the Mbita Point.

The "Luo" people who live around the island are among the friendliest people you will ever meet and visits to their fishing villages can be arranged. Living around the lake, the Luo are the third largest tribe in Kenya and are accomplished fishermen on the lake.

Mfangano Island
Mfangano Island

Accommodation on the island is at the Mfangano island camp. An enchanting camp modeled after the Luo traditional homes. Each room has its own veranda for those who want to kick back and relax. The food at the camp is excellent. The fish freshly caught by yourself or the locals. Vegetables are grown in gardens within the island.

Attractions on the island include; bird watching, fishing, water sports among others. Visits to the Ruma national Park can also be arranged upon request.

You will always remember Mfangano Island for its peaceful surroundings and the hospitality of the Luo people who live in and around the Island.

Rusinga Island Lake Victoria Kenya

The island is in the Kenyan waters of the lake Victoria. At 26,800 sq miles lake Victoria is the worlds largest fresh water lake. Rusinga Island is on the North Eastern corner of the Lake Victoria. Excursions by boat take you around to see the Lou people, a fishing tribe living on the shores of lake Victoria. Bird life is abundant on the islands and so are other animals such as giant monitor lizards and otters.

A view of Rusinga Island
A view of Rusinga Island

Activities here include bird watching (over 100 species). Fishing for Nile perch or tilapia either from shore or on a boat. Both these fish make excellent eating. Water sports such as sailing and water skiing are available for the adventurous. For the more easy going, walks to archeological sites on the island can be arranged. On this island is where Mary Leakey discovered Proconsul Helesoni in 1946, one of man's earliest ancestors.

Ruma National Park is just an hrs drive away and excursions to Ruma can be arranged. Home to the last group of Roan antelope in Kenya. Birds are abundant at Ruma and animals such as oribi , bohor reedbuck, impala, topi, waterbuck and buffalo. Other special animals include the Jackson's Hartebeest and Rothschild's Giraffe. The elusive Leopard is also sighted often at Ruma.